Reading Comprehension
Indonesia’s maternal mortality
Indonesia’s maternal mortality rate remains one of the highest in Southeast Asia. Experts closely studying the problem generally conclude that a change in course is needed for indonesia to make further progress. First, there  are questions about whether the goverment has the ability - or the resources - to actually improve health. Performance and utilitazion of public health services is on the decline, and the private sector is now the major source of health care in Indonesia. An estimated 30-50 percent of new born deliveries in health facilities now take place in privates clinics (as compared to approximately 10 percent a decade ago). Preference for private sector services may be due, in part, to understaffing of public health facilities, and high absenteism. The goverment allows “dual practice” whereby civil servant health providers are allowed to establish a private practice outside of official work hours. As a result, experts studies show an average of 40 percent of doctors absent from their public post during work hours.
Overall, per capita spending on health in Indonesia is much lower than other countries in the region, and insurance coverage is extremely limited. Health financing is overhelmingly private - with individuals paying for arround 80 percent of all health outlay costly out - pocket. Distrubingly, the poor utilize less of publicly funded health services provided by the state : the poorest 20 percent of the population captures less than 10 percent of total public health subsidies, while the richest fifth captures almost 40 percent. Policy analysts also point to added problems to health financing caused by scant distributions in health funding among provinces and major inefficiencies in how funds are spent.
1.      The word “outlay” in line 13 can best be replaced by ...
a)      Compensation
b)      Account
c)      Expense
d)      Income
2.      According to the passage, the high maternal mortality rate is caused by the following, except ...
a)      The lack of presence of the public health’s staff and doctors in working hours
b)      The lack of the civil servant health providers in number
c)      The decrease of performance showed by the private sector in dealing with health care
d)      The maldistribution of the public health subsidies among the provinces
3.      According to the passage, privates sector services are preferred due to ...
a)      The reliability of staff and doctors in private clinics
b)      The absence of public health providers
c)      The bigger amount of fund spent for the health care problems
d)      The amount of public doctors performing “dual practice”
4.      What is the main idea of the passage ?
a)      The maternal health problem in Indonesia
b)      The causes of high maternal death rate in Indonesia
c)      The way to improve maternal health in Indonesia
d)      The public health service versus the private health service
5.      The word “their” in line 10 refers to ...
a)      Experts
b)      Civil servants
c)      Health providers
d)      Doctors
6.      The word “scant” in line 16 is closest in  meaning with ...
a)      Insignifcant
b)      Unlimited
c)      Inadequate
d)      unreliable
7.      It can be inferred from the passage that the best solution for the goverment in dealing with “dual practice” problem is ...
a)      To manage the presence of public health staff during work hous
b)      To control the distribution of public health staff among provinces
c)      To improve the quality and service of public health staff
d)      To give sanctions to the public health staff performing “dual practice”

Dosage : adults twelve years old and over take two teaspoonfuls as needed, not to exceed fifteen teaspoonfuls per day. Children six years old to twelve years old take half of the adult dosage, not to exceed seven teaspoonfuls per day.
Warning : do not exceed the recommended dosage unless directed by a physician. Do not administer to children under six years old or to individuals with high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. This preparation may cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication. Chronic cough is dangerous, if relief does not occur within three days, discontinue use and consult your physician.
8.      According to the direction, which of the following people should take the medication ?
a)      Someone with high blood pressure
b)      Someone with diabetes
c)      Someone under six years old
d)      Someone who has a cough
9.      One of the side effects of taking the medicine is that of ...
a)      Feeling sleepy
b)      Coughing
c)      High blood pressure
d)      addiction
10.  A ten years old child should ...
a)      Not take this prescription
b)      Take two teaspoonfuls of this prescription
c)      Take one teaspoonfuls of this prescription
d)      Take one half teaspoonfuls of this prescription
Structure and Written Expression.
Select the correct answer from the four choises given.
11.  Would you mind ..., please ?
a)      To pass the sugar
b)      Passing the sugar
c)      To pass me the sugar
d)      Pass me the sugar
12.  Candles ... from beeswax burn with a very clean flame.
a)      Are made
b)      Which make
c)      Made
d)      Making
13.  The environmental group hopes ... the forest to its original condition by the end of the decade.
a)      To restore
b)      Having restored
c)      To be restored
d)      To have been restored
14.  After watching Euro Final Match, dito is tired, ... he is not gaoing to sleep.
a)      But
b)      And
c)      So
d)      yet
15.  A course that you must take before you take other courses is a(n) ...
a)      Pretermination
b)      Prerequisite
c)      Extraction
d)      Subsoil
16.  Not ... from South Africa, although most of the world’s supply does originate there.
a)      Every gold comes
b)      All gold come
c)      All gold comes
d)      Every gold come
17.  Kiranti sid to Tono, “did you finish your homework?”
Kiranti asked Tono ...
a)      Whether he finished his homework
b)      Whether he has finished his homework
c)      If he finished his homework
d)      If  he had finished his homework
18.  While ... to buy the concert ticket, the man with the beard stole the young lady’s purse.
a)      He queuing
b)      He queues
c)      Queuing
d)      Queued
19.  Kristina ... to an opera before she lived in Jakarta.
a)      Was never going
b)      Has never gone
c)      Had never gone
d)      Did not go
20.  ... you fatter when you studied in senior high school ?
a)      Was
b)      Are
c)      Were
d)      Have
choose the one word or phrase which would best keep the meaning of the original sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word.
21.  Our country is now plagued by turmoil.
a)      Utter confusion
b)      Constant change
c)      Bad weather
d)      Fuel shortages
22.  The space shuttle program entails the use of sophis titaced technology.
a)      Develops
b)      Enhances
c)      Creates
d)      Involves
23.  Expectations that the drug would offer a miracle cure for cancer turned out to be illusory.
a)      Exaggerated
b)      False
c)      Ingenuous
d)      Hopeful
24.  Network employees and employees of associated companies are not allowed to participate in TV quiz game.
a)      Subsidiary
b)      Connected
c)      Member
d)      Social
25.  In the nineteenth century, it was almost a tradition for promising young artist not to receive the attention they deserved.
a)      Expected
b)      Craved
c)      Demanded
d)      Merited 
Note : 
Tidak ada jaminan kesuksesan, namun tidak mencobanya adalah jaminan kegagalan.


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